Terms & Conditions

Please read this information carefully before making a booking with us.


The tour operator is the ‘Electric Garage Ltd’ trading as the electricbiketours.co.uk

The customer is the person who books and attends the electric bike tour or enters the hire agreement.

An EBike is also known as an electric bike or pedelec.



You shall pay for any tours in advance using our booking system. Secure payment shall be made using our merchant service provider, Stripe and you can pay either with a debit or credit card.

EBike Hire

You shall pay for this service on the day of the hire. Payment is by debit or credit card and a bike deposit shall be required and taken as a pre-authorised card payment.


To participate in any tour or to enter an eBike hire arrangement, a valid form of photo ID (e.g. driving license or passport) shall be required. Groups attending the tour, only need to produce one form of photo-ID per group. If the customer fails to provide adequate photo ID, then they may be excluded from the tour or hire agreement.


To operate an electric bike, you need to be 14 years old or older. Any person attending the tour and under 18 years old must be accompanied by an adult.


Customers shall ensure they are in good general health and they are fit and capabilities to participate. Before using an eBike, we recommend that you seek medical advice should you be unfit, pregnant or of older age.


The customer can cancel the tour by providing five (5) days notice in writing. A cancellation fee shall apply.

Group bookings (a party of 3 or more individuals) can cancel the tour by proving seven (7) days notice in writing. A cancellation fee shall apply. Should you reduce the group size at any time prior to the event, the cancellation fee shall apply.

On cancellation, the customer shall be charged a 25% cancellation fee and receive a 75% refund or a booking on another tour.

Any written correspondence shall be sent by email to support@electricbiketours.co.uk.


We reserve the right to cancel any tour without notice due to safety risks.

Where the tour operator cancels, for whatever reason, a full refund shall be made within seven (7) working days of such a cancellation being notified or the offer of an alternative tour date. No compensation, consequential losses or other such claim shall be accepted in the event of such a cancellation.


Before the tour begins, the customer shall be required to sign an eBike Hire Agreement to confirm that they understand the nature of the activity, the risks involved and a declaration of any medical pre-conditions that may affect their participation.


The tour operator strongly suggests you plan on arriving at least fifteen (15) minutes prior to the tour start time. We will endeavour to return you to your finishing point within fifteen (15) minutes of the scheduled finish time but cannot guarantee this due to activity delays or other non-controllable influences.


The tour operator operates a strict time-keeping policy.  If the customer fails to attend the tour, then the booking will be deemed as cancelled in accordance with our Cancellation Policy and be regarded as a “no show”. In such an instance, no compensation, consequential losses, lost or additional travelling costs or other such claim shall be accepted in such an unfortunate event.


Before the tour starts, a safety briefing will take place to enable customers to fully understand the controls and how to safely operate the electric bike. During the tour, customers are expected to cycle safely on public roads in accordance with rules 187-211 (Extra Rules for Cyclists) of the Highway Code.  The customer is strongly advised to wear the helmet provided to minimize the risk of injury. Cycling shall not be permitted, if the customer is deemed under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

The tour guide reserves the right to remove anybody from the tour, who is behaving in a way considered dangerous to themselves, others and members of the public or those who have disregard for the instructions of the tour guide. Under these circumstances, no refund will be given.

A customer hiring an eBike additionally needs to be aware of potential hazards when using the fitted navigational computer.  Do not use routing in safety critical situation i.e. road closures or detours; do not plan routes whilst riding, stop and then make entries; abort the route and use an alternative, if the navigation suggests a way that is risky in respect to the ability of the customer; always follow traffic signs i.e. detours or dangerous construction sites; always carry a map or mobile phone.


In the event of a breakdown, we will make every effort to repair or replace the defective electric bicycle.


The tour operators shall endeavour to minimize risk and hazards, but cycling has its inherent risks.  Any customer attending a tour is accepting those risks and the customer shall exercise good judgment and act in a responsible manner during the tour. By accepting our terms and conditions, you acknowledge the risks involved and agree it is ultimately your responsibility to ensure your own safety, behaving responsibly and within your own capabilities. Customers agree to indemnify the tour operator, its employees, agents, and any person connected with this business from any liability whatsoever resulting in personal injury (whether fatal or otherwise), loss, damage and expense caused.


The tour operator shall endeavour to minimise any risks, but customers need to accept that injuries and accidents can happen. We strongly recommend that you have insurance in place adequate medical, personal accident, loss of belongings cancellation cover. The tour operator cannot be held responsible for your own illness, injury or loss/damage of your belongings whilst participating in the tour or during the hire period.


The tour operator shall not accept liability or pay compensation whatsoever in respect of any delay or failure to deliver the booked tour or contractual obligations is prevented or affected by, or you otherwise suffer any damage or loss, as a result of ‘Force Majeure’.  For the elimination of doubt. ‘Force Majeure’ means any event which the tour operator could not foresee or avoid including an act of God, war, invasion, rebellion, riot, civil strife, terrorism, disorder, malicious damage, fire, flood, epidemic, quarantine restriction, strikes or other industrial disputes, unusually severe weather or energy supplies.


The tour operator shall provide a professional, safe and fit for purpose bike hire service, but shall not be liable for any injury, loss, expense, damage, accident, delay, irregularity, stranded individual, personal negligence, weather, quarantines, sickness, disease, act of God, Government restriction, legal regulation or otherwise which are adjudged to be outside the tour operator’s control. It is clearly stated, understood and agreed that, to the fullest extent to which liability may be excluded or avoided, the tour operator will have no liability, whether in contract or otherwise, for any losses, costs or damages, and in no event will be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, punitive, expectancy or consequential damages, even if they are foreseen or foreseeable, arising or resulting from, or related to, the services of the tour operator. In all cases, the maximum liability payable by tour operator shall not exceed the total fee collected for the provision of the service provided.


Photographs or video taken on a tour may be used in the tour operator’s promotional marketing communications. If customers do not wish for their photographs or video to be used, then they should indicate this on the Customer Consent Form. We do not store any credit or debit card information given to us by customers and do not share any personal information with any third parties.


The tour itineraries are well researched and carefully planned. Occasionally we may be required to alter the itinerary due to unforeseen circumstances or weather conditions. We will always endeavour to minimise any route changes and to provide the customers with an enjoyable and safe tour.


Any disputes or complaints must be brought to the attention of the tour operator in writing no longer than twenty-one (21) days from the origin such. The tour operator shall then be granted an additional thirty (30) days to investigate and resolve such a dispute or complaint without involving third parties or outside solicitors, litigation or counsel.